Third Year Residents

Michelle Arneson

Michelle Arneson, DO

Kansas City University

What impresses me about Ascension Columbia St. Mary's:

“Born and raised in the Milwaukee area, I was eager to return home for residency.   After spending a month rotating at CSM, I knew this was the program for me.  The current residents and faculty were kind and supportive yet provided my first real feel of autonomy as a provider. Also, the residents were happy!   The program is a perfect combination of a community hospital vibe within an urban underserved setting and serves patients of all backgrounds.   With an interest in prevention, public health and engaging the local community, the opportunities for me are endless thanks to the flexible curriculum.   I am so excited to have matched at CSM and know it will be the perfect place to learn and grow as a physician. “



Nathan Ferda

Nathan Ferda, MD

Medical College of Wisconsin


What impresses me about Ascension Columbia St. Mary's:

“One of the reasons why I chose Family Medicine is that I enjoyed my Medicine, Pediatrics, Ob/Gyn, and Emergency Medicine rotations. One thing that all of these rotations had in common was the presence of a Family Medicine resident from CSM.   As a medical student, I was impressed by their confidence, broad knowledge base, genuine care for patients, camaraderie with one another, and a willingness to mentor students. Once I finally had the opportunity to rotate through their program, I quickly discovered why the resident learners were so happy and knowledgeable. There is a culture of mutual respect that nurtures effective teamwork and gets everyone involved and excited for learning and providing excellent patient care.  CSM immediately felt like home, and I am excited to be a part of the family!“ 



Jose Hernandez

Jose Hernandez, MD

Loyola University


What impresses me about Ascension Columbia St. Mary's:

“On my interview day, I was very impressed by CSM’s strong broad-spectrum curriculum with the opportunity to pursue several different curricular tracks. With my interest in global health, I was also drawn to the program’s mission to serve a diverse patient population. After speaking with several residents, it was clear that the faculty and staff were dedicated to resident education and provided a supportive learning environment. Most important to me during the interview process was finding a group of residents that were happy, knowledgeable, and focused on working well together as a team. I found all of that and more at CSM, making it the perfect choice for me!“



Lauren Hollandsworth

Lauren Hollandsworth, DO

A.T. Still University
Kirksville, MO





Jordan Hughes

Jordan Hughes, MD

Medical College of Wisconsin





Jordan Hughes

Robert Kitsis, MD

Loyola University


What impresses me about Ascension        Columbia St. Mary's:

"I am extremely honored to be a part of the CSM family! My interview day left a lasting impression, and this spectacular program was an obvious first choice for me.  I met so many wonderful people, and I walked away with an even greater passion for Family Medicine.  Each individual that I encountered shared the same sense of responsibility, to not only treat the whole family, but also to be a role model and leader in the community.  It is so refreshing to be able to go from a large academic center in Chicago to this beautiful hospital and clinic where Family Medicine is well respected and valued as an integral part of healthcare.  I am eager to begin my residency, and I am comforted that I will be surrounded by a fun and supportive team of residents, faculty, and staff!"



Daniel Rogers

Daniel Rogers, DO

Des Moines University





Shannon Sullivan

Shannon Sullivan, MD

Loyola University


What impresses me about Ascension Columbia St. Mary's:

"When looking at family medicine residencies, I focused on finding a rigorous program that would also provide the flexibility needed to further explore my interests in advanced obstetrics and global health. During my interview day, I immediately felt welcomed into the CSM family and had the opportunity to meet an outstanding group of residents, faculty, and staff who were genuinely enthusiastic about family medicine, resident education, and most importantly, patient-centered care.   At CSM, I know that I will be fully supported in my growth as a family physician, and I am eager to begin this journey!"



 Second Year Residents


Ashraf Abbas

Ashraf Abbas, MD

Medical College of Wisconsin


What impresses me about Ascension Columbia St. Mary's:

"Originally a Chicago native, I moved to Milwaukee for medical school and quickly found myself in love with the city and its people. I searched for what (at the time) seemed like an impossible program. I wanted a program that would train me in full-scope family medicine with a diverse patient population, a high-volume hospital training site, and a well-resourced community clinic. CSM is all that and so much more! The environment is very supportive with a team-based approach, as well as opportunities to teach medical students and continue to build on my research interests. What struck me most of all is how friendly everyone is here -everyone feels like family! I look forward to my training in order to become a competent and effective rural family physician"



Shane Breeze-Baldauf

Shane Breeze-Baldauf, DO

Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine




Elizabeth Dzwonczyk

Elizabeth Dzwonczyk, MD

Drexel University




Philip Harris

Philip Harris, DO

Edward Via Virginia College
of Osteopathic Medicine




Bryan Johnston

Bryan Johnston, MD

Medical College of Wisconsin



What impresses me about Ascension Columbia St. Mary's:

"Some of my best experiences as a medical student involved CSM. I got to know many of the faculty, residents, and staff at the program and was impressed by how supportive, team-oriented, and patient-centered the approach is. CSM offers tremendous flexibility, including the Community Medicine, Global Health, and Maternal Care tracks, to really push residents to tailor their experience. I am excited to join a program which is so heavily invested in the community. After looking far and wide for the ideal spot to continue my training, I found the best fit right in my back yard."



Ryan Jozwiak

Ryan Jozwiak, MD



What impresses me about Ascension Columbia St. Mary's:

"When choosing a residency in Family Medicine, I wanted to make sure that I joined a program that made me feel like family. From the moment I stepped foot into the CSM Family Health Center, I was met with smiles, laughs, and the general sense that this is somewhere I belong. I was very impressed with the high quality of care provided to the diverse patient population, and I was ecstatic when the faculty promised me the opportunity to explore my particular interests while still getting the well-rounded education necessary to be a successful family medicine physician. The passion for patient care and the dedication to my own personal development has me truly excited to be a member of the CSM family."



Gretchen Wagner, MD

Medical College of Wisconsin


What impresses me about Ascension Columbia St. Mary's:

"As a medical student I was lucky enough to rotate at CSM for several rotations. Each time, I was warmly welcomed by every member of the team, from the MAs and administrative assistants to the residents and faculty. Even as a medical student, I felt like a valued member of the team and was actively involved in educational opportunities. The people I met through my experiences at CSM always stood out in my mind when I was deciding where to do my residency training. Knowing that I would receive excellent training in all aspects of family medicine with an emphasis on understanding how the community intersects with patient care were also strong considerations for me. I am so happy to officially be a part of the CSM Family Medicine Residency family and to be able to continue to work with this wonderful and supportive group of people!"




Luna Younan

Luna Younan, DO

Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine


What impresses me about Ascension Columbia St. Mary's:

"I knew that CSM was a great fit for me starting from the pre-interview dinner the night before. The program offers a rigorous curriculum that prepares residents to become well rounded family physicians. On my interview day and during my second look, I could tell the residents were happy. They not only had a great rapport with each other, but also with everyone else in the hospital. The faculty were supportive and very invested in the residents' training and education. I’m excited to be a part of the CSM family!"




First Year Residents


Logan Fox

Logan Fox, DO

Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences





Kristi Gwidt

Kristi Gwidt, MD

Medical College of WI





Kathryn Kaminski

Kathryn Kaminski, DO

Des Moines University, College of Osteopathic Medicine


What impresses me about Ascension Columbia St. Mary's:

“Being born and raised in the suburbs of Milwaukee, I knew I wanted to establish my medical career in my home city. I'm so happy to have that opportunity at Ascension Columbia St. Mary's, which blends the support and resources of a community hospital with all the benefits of Milwaukee's vibrant culture. My philosophy in medicine is to treat others the way you would want to be treated. When I first started my medical school rotation at Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s, it quickly became apparent that CSM holds that same philosophy. I was immediately impressed by the staff's dedication to and passion for excellent patient care. I am very excited to join the Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s family!”



Kristin Magliocco

Kristin Magliocco, MD

University Of Wisconsin, School of Medicine & Public Health




Bernard Nartey

Bernard Nartey, MD

Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University Chicago


What impresses me about Ascension Columbia St. Mary's:

"Itas very important for me to find a strong, family friendly program where my growing family and I would thrive. During my interview day, I was very impressed by the focus on community health, supportive faculty & staff, hospital facilities and competent & confident residents. I also took special note of the Patient Centered Medical Home, along with all the benefits it affords to patients and physicians. I felt very at home and relaxed throughout the day. I knew this would be the best place to learn and develop my skills as a Family Physician.  Coming from Chicago, being able to get from one side of town to the other in 30 mins was a bonus! I was told I would find the "right fit" during my interviews and I am very happy that happened to be CSM!"



Edward Smith

Edward Smith, DO

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine




Lauren Weasler

Lauren Weasler, MD

Medical College of WI


What impresses me about Ascension Columbia St. Mary's:

“Over the course of my undergraduate and medical school careers, I had the opportunity to serve at Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital in Milwaukee as a volunteer, bioethics intern, and facilitator for organized group discussions about the patient-physician relationship. I quickly realized my desire to further serve this urban community as a physician at Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s: a healthcare organization which prioritizes compassionate care for the whole person, connects undeserved patients with local health resources, and understands the importance of physician wellness. I appreciate how this residency program upholds these tenets, cultivates a supportive learning environment, and offers a well-rounded curriculum with the opportunity to pursue my specific interests in bioethics, obstetrics, and fertility awareness-based methods of family planning."



Erin Wos

Erin Wos, DO

Western University Of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine


What impresses me about Ascension Columbia St. Mary's:

"Some of the foundational qualities of a great physician are compassion, dedication to patient-care, and enthusiasm.  When I interviewed at CSM, it was apparent that the residents, faculty, and staff possess all of these qualities and are excited about teaching and working together.  I believe that I can hone my own compassion and understanding of people from diverse backgrounds by living near and working with them.  This is why, as a native Oregonian, it was important for me to find a residency that would introduce me to new people and cultures.  Not only is CSM the perfect program for this, but it also provides a rigorous, thorough curriculum that will be the ultimate basis for learning and practicing full-spectrum family medicine.  My interests include sports medicine and nutrition, and I am looking forward to opportunities to work with local sports teams and at sporting events so that I can achieve my goals; how fortunate am I to be in a training environment that supports that! " 



Brian Wright

Brian Wright, MD

Medical College of WI


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