Special Features

The Highest Level of Care

As a Level III NICU, the Doerr Family NICU is ranked at the highest level of care:

  • Level I:      Treat healthy newborns who need a bit of additional nursing care.

  • Level II:     Treat moderately ill babies.

  • Level III:   Treat premature, low birth-weight and seriously ill babies.

A Team Approach

At Ascension Columbia St. Mary's, we believe in a team approach for exceptional, individualized care to help every one of our tiny patients grow stronger. Our team of experts include:

  • Neonatologists

  • Neonatal nurses

  • Respiratory therapists

  • Speech and Occupational therapists

  • Case managers

  • Pharmacists

  • Dietitians

  • Spiritual care 

The Latest Technology

In select rooms, you'll find the revolutionary Giraffe® OmniBed® to care for fragile, premature babies. To limit the number of times premature babies are moved, the Giraffe® OmniBed® creates a “microenvironment” for the baby. The bed converts from a traditional isolette incubator to an open-bed radiant warmer with the touch of a button, preventing the need to move the baby for any necessary procedures. In addition, the bed features a Baby Susan® mattress that allows caregivers to rotate the mattress for easier access to the baby. There's also a built-in scale for easy weight monitoring.

Special NICU Features

Infant Care 

  • Patient space designed to care for infants from admission to discharge.

  • Ability to perform most medical procedures at the infant's bedside.

  • In-room hand washing sinks to help decrease the spread of infection.

  • Noise and light control based on the infant's needs.

  • Flexible space surrounding the isolette to accommodate changing medical equipment needs.

  • Computers for patient charting in each room, allowing staff to easily access and update medical information.

  • Central monitoring systems so all babies can be closely monitored at all times. 


Family-Centered Care

  • Private family space in each room to help parents learn how to care for their baby before going home.

  • A comfortable rocking chair for parents to bond with their child, and a convertible sleeper couch that allows parents to stay overnight.

  • Privacy curtains for moms to conveniently breast feed or pump at the bedside.

  • Privacy for parents to do "Kangaroo Care" where the baby is held skin-to-skin to promote bonding, growth and healing.

  • In-room refrigerators for storage of mom's breast milk.

  • A specialized freezer for breast milk storage.

  • Desk space with Wi-Fi Internet access for parents to communicate with family and friends or to take care of personal business.






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