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Nicole MadeThe Best Decision….And Second Decision...Of Her Life

I once weighed close to 300 pounds. My mom told me I was killing myself. She was right. I went in to the Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s Bariatric Center scared, unsure of what else could possibly help me, and defeated. I had tried every diet before. I had exercised and gotten discouraged when that scale didn’t move.

After meeting with the staff at the Bariatric Center, I was convinced that taking this step was the right one for me. Every time I met with the staff I was reassured, educated, prepared and aware that I could change my life. Dr. Regan and Sue Dugan helped me understand that this was a tool that could help me where everything else had failed before. I was all in.

During the process, I had my ups and downs just like everyone. I got scared. I questioned whether or not surgical intervention was the right way to go. I was putting my health into someone else’s hands. The entire staff at the Bariatric Center, especially Sue Dugan and Dr. Regan, reassured me continually and helped me as I went through my peaks and valleys.

I lost 90 pounds my first time around. Throughout the entire process, I could not have had a better support system from the Bariatric Center staff. I ended up having to have a second procedure due to a rare complication. During the time I was healing from the complication, out of my mind worried I was going to gain the weight back again, both Sue Dugan and Dr. Regan were my sounding board and my logic. They helped me understand that the surgery wasn’t the reason that I lost weight, but that the hard work I put into it, using the tool the way it was meant to be used, was how I lost the weight.

When I had my second surgery and was scared that something was going to go wrong again, they both stepped up to the plate to reassure me and hold my hand through the whole process and I could not be more grateful to the two of them. While I don’t have a whole lot of experience with other surgeons, Dr. Regan is superior in his field technically and in dealing with patients. Sue Dugan went above and beyond for someone who, at the time, could have been just another patient. Instead, she treated me like family.

I have consistently kept the weight off, but it never stops being a struggle. I have to eat right and exercise, but through the help of the fantastic staff at the CSM Bariatric Center, I know exactly what I need to do to make the right choices. It was the best decision….and second decision I ever made.




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