After You Have Your Baby

A picture of African American parents and their newborn.Immediately after your baby is born, he/she will be placed in your arms. Holding your baby directly against your skin promotes stability in baby's temperature and blood sugar, allows for bonding between the two of you, and promotes early attempts at breastfeeding. Skin-to-skin is the best place for your baby to be in the first few hours, days and even weeks after birth.

Moving to the Mom/Baby Unit 

Our staff will continue to monitor you and your baby in the labor room for one to two hours after your birth. After that time, you, your baby and belongings will move to a comfortable private room on our Mom/Baby Unit. Here you will keep your baby with you. Called "rooming in," this allows you to learn your baby's sounds and feeding cues, and breastfeed on demand. In this immediate postpartum time, your baby gets to know you by touch, sound and smell - the same sense used inside! Keeping your baby with you in your room help maintain baby's physical and emotional well-being in the comfort of being near what is familiar.

Having your baby in your room will also allow our staff to observe and help with breastfeeding, and demonstrate diaper changing and immersion baths.



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