Every Life Has Meaning

Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. - John 14:27

If you have learned that your unborn baby may not survive or may die shortly after birth, we at Ascension Columbia St. Mary's are truly sorry and are here to support you during this difficult time.

The Ascension Columbia St. Mary's Perinatal Hospice is a program of assistance and support for you and your family, beginning with your baby's diagnosis and continuing to having your baby and beyond. Our staff will help you make meaningful plans for your baby's birth, life and death - plans that honor your baby and his or her place in your family.

When you choose to take part in the program, you will meet with a nurse who will:

  • Locate the resources needed to meet your wishes.
  • Guide and support you and your family through time of grief.
  • Help you develop a birth plan and plan of care for you and your baby .
  • Assist you in creating keepsakes and memories.
  • Help arrange funeral services.
  • Assist in arranging hospital discharge services.
  • Provide referral for support groups.

 Your Perinatal Hospice Team 

  • You and your family
  • Nurses from Labor & Delivery, Neonatal Intensive Care and the Perinatal Assessment Center
  • Your obstetrician, family practice physician or nurse midwife
  • A perinatologist who cares for mom and baby during pregnancy, labor and delivery
  • A neonatologist who cares for newborns
  • Perinatal social workers
  • Chaplain services

Contact the Ascension Columbia St. Mary's Perinatal Hospice Center

Talk to your healthcare provider or call 414-585-1493. Leave a message and a nurse will contact you to answer questions or to help you make an appointment.



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