Planning Your Pregnancy

Thinking about having a baby? Here are just a few things to keep in mind on your journey into motherhood.

  • Schedule a check-up with your healthcare providerA picture of a young woman.

  • Maintain a healthy weight and eat right

  • Manage any chronic conditions you may have

  • Cut down on caffeine

  • Start taking a multivitamin supplement, if you don't already

  • Quit smoking

  • Don't drink or do drugs   


CSM is Proud to Offer Skin-to-Skin C-Section Births 

After a challenging home birth and unplanned c-section with her first child, Laura Horton, mom of two, decided she wanted a skin-to-skin c-section for her second delivery. Dr. Sheldon Wasserman, Laura's OB/GYN, and team figured out how to make Laura's wish a reality. Now, skin-to-skin c-sections, made possible by a special delivery drape, are available to women choosing Ascension Columbia St. Mary's for their birthing experience.



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