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Columbia St. Mary’s (CSM) proudly partners with schools to help students achieve their educational goals. We are committed to providing quality and meaningful field placement to motivated students to help inspire and enhance their learning experience in hopes that they might become part of CSM’s vision and future.Students working in a clinical setting.


Student Placements

Students may be placed in a variety of locations (clinical and non-clinical) undergoing supervised training without pay, usually for a semester for school credit and to meet graduation requirements. Students may be in groups with a school instructor present or can be precepted by CSM staff directly.

Students must go through their schools for these placements and should NOT contact CSM directly. The exception to this would be Advanced Practice Nursing students and other graduate level students who may network with CSM staff. If and when these arrangements are made, the school is still required to enter the request into our system and be verified by the CSM-Ascension Wisconsin placement coordinator.

The following steps must occur for all student experiences:

  1. Request for student placement by the school’s coordinator. This should be completed a minimum of four weeks prior to anticipated clinical start date. Nursing student placement follows the calendar below. In an effort to align services and processes to form Ascension Wisconsin, we have recently updated the student request process for Ascension Columbia St. Mary's placements. For questions on how to use the Electronic Student Clinical Placement Process (ESCPP) system to request your Ascension Columbia St. Mary's Student Clinical requests or to be setup with an account, please email

  2. The CSM-Ascension Wisconsin Student Placement Coordinator will check if there is an active Master Affiliation Agreement between CSM and the school and if the site will accept placement. The school will then receive notification of acceptance.
  3. Once placement is accepted, the student and instructor information must be entered by the school coordinator. The school must verify health requirements and complete a criminal background check. Any students with positive background checks must be cleared through the CSM-Ascension Wisconsin Student Placement Coordinator prior to the start of their clinical experience.
  4. Students and instructors must complete mandatory training prior to the start of the semester. Click here for student requirements. Click here for instructor requirementsCompliance checklists must be completed for each student. Additionally, department specific orientation checklists must be completed on the first day of clinical and held by the department manager.

Shadow Experiences

This is an “observation only” experience when a student observes a professional in an area of expertise for a limited number of hours. Unlike the lengthier student programs, for a shadow experience, students can contact CSM staff directly with whom they wish to observe. The preceptor then has student read and sign the Authorization for Shadow Experience and Standards of Conduct forms. Completed forms should be kept with preceptor.

CSM Preceptor will forward all completed documentation to:

Student Affiliations, Clinical Development
Ascension Shared Services
4300 W. Brown Deer Road
Suite 114
Brown Deer, WI 53233
Fax: (414) 465-3064


Other Opportunities

    A collaboration between CSM and the Milwaukee INROADS cooperative to provide culturally diverse college students an opportunity to experience the healthcare workplace.
  • Volunteering
    Volunteer at a CSM facility and provide services that enhance our patients' experiences.
  • Paid Positions
    Nurse Extern and Patient Care Assistant are just a few examples of positions, if there are current openings, that you can apply for. 


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