Rehabilitation Nursing

Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Institute features two different rehabilitation units: General Rehab and Coma Recovery/Brain Injury. Each brings its own unique nursing challenges and rewards.

Our General Rehab units serve a diverse population of patients. Our RNs are a critical part of an integrated treatment team, working on a physician-led team of Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists, Psychologists, Dieticians, Recreational Therapists, Chaplains and Case Managers.

Our unique Coma Recovery/Brain Injury program benefits from immediate access to all the medical resources of the Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s Columbia campus, making it one of the most comprehensive rehabilitative brain injury treatment sites available in the state of Wisconsin. This challenging unit also relies on the teamwork of skilled doctors, nurses and therapists to provide our patients with the best care possible.

On either unit, you’ll love working with the doctors, nurses and therapists that make up our multidisciplinary treatment teams. Together, you’ll work to see a patient all the way through the course of his or her care, always working towards the patient’s maximum level of recovery and return home. You will come to know your patients’ unique needs, and work with their families and your colleagues to design rehabilitation programs that maximize recovery.

We offer flexible schedules, a new grad mentoring program, and many opportunities for specialization and advancement. If you enjoy working with “the whole patient,” seeing patients all the way through a relatively long-term recovery process, doing patient and family teaching, and working with an interdisciplinary team of doctors, therapists and nurses, then Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Institute could be a great place for you to further your nursing career.

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