Psychiatric Nursing

At Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s our goal is always to treat the whole person. This is perhaps nowhere more evident than in our Mental Health units. Here, skilled and compassionate professionals treat a variety of mental illnesses and addictions while also addressing the concurrent medical issues that are often present. Our nurses are on the front line of all our efforts, meeting each patient’s medical and psychological needs and ensuring that each patient’s treatment plan is being followed.

In Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s unique Mental Health treatment milieu, our nurses play a critical role. Do you enjoy thinking on your feet? Do you prefer to flex your therapeutic muscles as you work with the "whole patient?" Our dedicated team of doctors, nurses and therapists works closely to ensure our patients’ unique treatment needs are met as they work towards recovery. We’re committed to providing treatment for mental illness and addiction in an environment of respect, dignity and compassion. Our experienced treatment team holds itself to the highest standards of care in this challenging field, and our nurses are on the front line every day, delivering vital medical and psychological support to patients.

Psychiatric nursing isn’t for everyone. But if you enjoy meeting emotional and cognitive needs alongside medical ones, Psychiatric nursing at Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s might be the place for you!



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