The first total hip replacement in the state of Wisconsin was performed at Ascension Columbia Hospital in 1968. Since that time, more joint replacements have been done here than in any other hospital in southeastern Wisconsin. Given our decades of leadership and experience, Orthopedics at Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s epitomizes our passion for patient care.

As one of Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s most well established specializations, Orthopedics boasts a very low turnover rate. Several of our surgeons and nurses have been with us for decades, bringing a kind of stability and leadership you can’t teach in school. Our Ortho units feel like a family and operate as a team, and new nurses with a passion for Orthopedics and patient care are a welcome addition.

Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s Orthopedics services include on-site diagnostic services, inpatient and outpatient surgery, and a host of rehabilitation services. Our nurses are encouraged to explore each of these areas, and learn from seasoned clinicians as they do.

We emphasize standardization and wellness in the treatments we advocate. Clinically proven pathways to recovery are used whenever possible, as are preventative and wellness-based interventions. Our nurses work closely with patients to ensure their treatment protocols are being followed, and get them and their families as involved as possible in their recovery process. They are also highly involved in community and patient education, speaking throughout the community on topics like joint and bone health. It’s not uncommon for a new patient on one of our units to recognize his or her nurse from one of these educational events!

Orthopedics at Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s is a truly unique environment. We love what we do, and strive to be the best. If you enjoy working closely with patients and their families and would love facing the diverse challenges of Orthopedic care as part of a dedicated treatment team, Orthopedics at Colombia St. Mary’s is the place for you.

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