Med/Surg Nursing at Columbia St. Mary’s provides you with a great opportunity to work with a wide variety of patients and diagnoses. At Columbia St. Mary’s, you will learn and develop the unique expertise and knowledge of a skilled Med/Surg nurse that will enable you to synthesize patient information, create individualized interventions, and organize the care for acutely ill adults.

Surrounded by experienced doctors and nurses who are eager to teach, you will build a foundation of skills that will serve you throughout your nursing career. Many of our Med/Surg nurses have achieved certification in this specialty from the American Nurse Credentialing Center. As you advance your career within this supportive environment, you will continue to master the skills necessary to move from novice to expert nurse.

Begin your nursing career in the challenging field of Med/Surg nursing and experience the satisfaction of caring for a diverse population of patients and working with an interdisciplinary team to restore or maintain our patients' physical and psychosocial health. As a Med/Surg nurse, you will become an invaluable part of our health care team!

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