Ambulatory Services

The Ambulatory/Outpatient services provided throughout Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s system are second to none. Our Ambulatory/Outpatient nurses work in a multitude of disciplines, including GI lab, cardio, day surgery and interventional radiology.

The nature of Ambulatory/Outpatient Services is that patients are in and out relatively quickly, so it takes a special kind of nurse who knows how to make a big difference in the short amount of time he or she has with each patient. On top of this, our Ambulatory/Outpatient nurses wear multiple hats, and must excel at balancing their clinical responsibilities with attention to each patient’s unique needs.

In each of Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s Ambulatory/Outpatient surgery centers throughout the greater Milwaukee area, nurses play a critical role in keeping everything running smoothly. From admitting patients, to prepping them for surgery or procedures, to assisting physicians, everything our Ambulatory/Outpatient nurses do helps us run on time and helps our patients feel safe and well taken care of. If you enjoy working with a diverse patient population that’s constantly changing, join us in Ambulatory/Outpatient services today!

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