Pharmacists at Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s work in a uniquely challenging and collaborative way. Our Pharmacies are decentralized, allowing pharmacists to work directly on each unit and interact with our staff, MDs and patients. In this exciting model, our pharmacists come to know the practitioners and patients they work with by name and play a vital role on our treatment teams.

Our pharmacists are responsible for optimizing each patient’s medication therapy through patient education, automatic therapeutic substitution, dosing of medications, kinetic monitoring and following up on lab values. Our pharmacists coordinate their efforts using a computer-based, paperless system. Through electronic documentation of these clinical interventions, pharmacists have been able to provide us with a cost savings of almost $4 million last year alone.

Our pharmacists are active throughout our hospital system, from working with the Pharmacy computer system to sitting on unit-based practice councils and medication reconciliation and safety committees.

Our pharmacists work directly on almost a dozen units throughout each of our hospitals. Since each unit is so different, we encourage our pharmacists to work on several of them until they find one that feels like home. With the ability to tailor your experience to your professional interests and the most advanced medication management and documentation technology available, Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s is an exciting place to practice Pharmacy.

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