At Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s, Respiratory Care Practitioners play an important role in virtually every part of the hospital. They provide their vital services to newborns, burn victims, emergency room patients, and anyone in between. Our respiratory staff is highly respected for their longevity and extensive responsibility within our hospital community.

Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s many Respiratory career paths include a place for students and interns. Newcomers to the field are a welcome addition to our treatment teams, where they can learn from the best. For those who’ve completed their education, our practitioners are divided into four tiers, each with increasing levels of responsibility and authority. Our staff members are encouraged to further their experience and education to attain the highest level of responsibility they’d like. Thus, there is tremendous opportunity for advancement within our Respiratory units.

Beyond working on specialty areas like our Burn Unit and the NICU, Respiratory Care Practitioners assist with intubation and often participate in educational exhibitions given for the community. They also offer Hyperbaric treatment.

With the responsibility of Respiratory Care comes a tremendous sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that make our Respiratory staff one of the longest-lived and most respected in the area. Our team would love to work with you!



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