Outpatient Programs

Outpatient Neurology Program


The Outpatient Neurology Program offers physical, occupational and speech therapy with individualized one-on-one sessions. Our program is one of the only programs in Milwaukee that only treats neurological patients. Our patients receive their care from a team who are solely dedicated to them. Patients benefit from:

• A restorative therapy approach provided by therapists with advanced training and who specialize in treating individuals with neurological diagnoses (or disorders)

• Medical observation by a Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Institute physiatrist or physician of patient’s choice

Therapeutic interventions that might be used to benefit patients in either program include:

  • Spasticity management including Botox®
  • Constraint induced movement therapy
  • Body-weight supported gait training
  • Neurological-developmental treatment
  • Orthotic and splint fabrication
  • Driving evaluation
  • Ness H200 (arm) and L300 (leg) electrical stimulation devices
  • Lee Silverman voice therapy
  • Treatment for dysphasia, aphasia and cognitive communication disorders
  • Balance rehabilitation
  • Fall prevention

Brain Injury Day Treatment

Our Outpatient Day Treatment Program is also accredited from CARF. The program helps patients with a brain injury or patients who have had a stroke return to their previous daily routine. Hospitals from all over southeastern Wisconsin refer patients with a brain injury to our Outpatient Day Treatment Program because of the unique comprehensive and all-day programming designed specifically to meet the outpatient needs of individuals recovering from a brain injury.

Day treatment includes:

  • Neuropsychology assessments and ongoing intervention and support
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Occupational, physical, speech and recreational therapy
  • Real-life learning opportunities in both the program and in the community
  • Social services to assist with transition from hospital to home
  • Transition to work, school and community
  • Driving evaluations


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