Nurse Residency

Ascension Wisconsin is proud to offer the Ascension Wisconsin South Nurse Residency Program to support and assist all of our new Nurses during their transition from academia to nursing practice, and then as they continue to develop in their professional role.  Our Graduate Nurses are the future of nursing and we are committed to providing them with the tools they need to become excellent practitioners, change agents, and leaders.

The main objectives of the Ascension Wisconsin Nurse Residency Program are:

  • Successfully bridge the gap from academia to professional RN.

  • Strengthen the communication, clinical reasoning, and critical thinking skills that are needed to be successful as a professional nurse. 

  • Bolster commitment to patient safety and patient centered care within Ascension.

  • Provide the tools and training needed to advance the profession the profession of nursing and to effect change though the use of process improvement, research, and evidence based practice. 

  • Improve leadership skills in preparation for leadership roles, whether formal or at the bedside. 

  • Provide an environment to allow for support, sharing, and networking with peers.

The Ascension Wisconsin Nurse Residency Program does not have a separate application process.  All graduate Nurses hired will be automatically enrolled! The program is one year long, consisting of 12 monthly seminars on a variety of topics.  These seminars are highly interactive, and nurses come prepared each month to participate and share. The seminars are offered multiple times each month at various sites and are paid time. 

This is an exciting time to begin a career in the profession of nursing! The first year of nursing practice may be one of the most challenging transitions of one’s career. We at Ascension recognize that and are committed to assisting new nurses in navigating new experiences and challenges, and building professional and personal accomplishments. 

If you have any questions about the Ascension Wisconsin South Nurse Residency Program please contact:


Megan Ramirez BSN, RN, CMSRN

Nurse Residency Coordinator

Ascension WI | South

(414) 447-3529 Work



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